Apprenticeship State Expansion

Fiscal Year of Award:


Original Award Date:

July 1, 2019

Award Type:


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Original Opportunity Notice: ETA-TEGL-17-18

The Employment and Training Administration awarded $73 million in State Apprenticeship Expansion grants to States to increase the number of apprentices in Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) and to ensure that apprenticeship is a viable career path for youth, adults, and career seekers, as well as a valuable workforce development strategy for businesses. These grants also aim to support and encourage RAP diversification, including increasing the diversity of apprentices and growing apprenticeship across industry sectors and to support the integration of RAPs into state workforce development, education, and economic development strategies and programs.

Awardee information
AwardeeLocationService AreaAward AmountDetails
Connecticut Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/ACT$1,067,532.00
Maine Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/AME$752,812.00
Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) N/AMA$1,494,862.00
Community College System of New Hampshire View Abstract (PDF) N/ANH$1,344,557.00
NJ Department of Workforce and Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/ANJ$1,693,757.00
New York State Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/ANY$4,445,188.00
Department of Economic Development View Abstract (PDF) N/APR$709,753.00
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training View Abstract (PDF) N/ARI$720,533.00
Vermont Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/AVT$679,990.00
Delaware Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/ADE$714,251.00
District of Columbia Department of Employment Services View Abstract (PDF) N/ADC$713,208.00
Maryland Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/AMD$2,854,797.00
Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry View Abstract (PDF) N/APA$2,193,459.00
Commonwealth of Virginia - Department of Labor and Industry View Abstract (PDF) N/AVA$1,670,811.00
WV Department of Commerce View Abstract (PDF) N/AWV$803,374.00
Alabama Department of Commerce View Abstract (PDF) N/AAL$1,145,234.00
Florida Department of Education View Abstract (PDF) N/AFL$3,078,257.00
The Technical College System of Georgia View Abstract (PDF) N/AGA$1,873,302.00
Office of Employer and Apprenticeship Services View Abstract (PDF) N/AKY$1,091,488.00
Mississippi Department of Employment Security View Abstract (PDF) N/AMS$899,501.00
North Carolina Community College System View Abstract (PDF) N/ANC$1,811,412.00
South Carolina State Board for Technical & Comprehensive Education View Abstract (PDF) N/ASC$1,186,725.00
Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) N/ATN$1,400,482.00
Colorado Department of Labor & Employment View Abstract (PDF) N/ACO$1,356,234.00
Louisiana Workforce Commission View Abstract (PDF) N/ALA$1,098,738.00
New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions View Abstract (PDF) N/ANM$815,741.00
North Dakota Department of Commerce View Abstract (PDF) N/AND$694,317.00
Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City View Abstract (PDF) N/AOK$1,061,290.00
South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation View Abstract (PDF) N/ASD$1,236,294.00
Texas Workforce Commission View Abstract (PDF) N/ATX$5,441,041.00
Utah Department of Workforce Services View Abstract (PDF) N/AUT$958,724.00
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity View Abstract (PDF) N/AIL$2,190,458.00
Indiana Department of Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) N/AIN$1,437,194.00
Iowa Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) N/AIA$982,767.00
Kansas Department of Commerce View Abstract (PDF) N/AKS$932,211.00
Michigan Talent Investment Agency View Abstract (PDF) N/AMI$3,239,481.00
State of Minnesota View Abstract (PDF) N/AMN$1,356,276.00
Missouri Division of Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) N/AMO$1,348,493.00
Nebraska Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/ANE$841,483.00
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services View Abstract (PDF) N/AOH$2,032,928.00
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) N/AWI$2,822,058.00
Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) N/AAK$1,000,000.00
American Samoa Government View Abstract (PDF) N/AAS$436,883.00
Arizona Department of Economic Security View Abstract (PDF) N/AAZ$1,406,301.00
CNMI DOL Workforce Investment Agency Division View Abstract (PDF) N/AMP$445,908.00
Guam Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/AGU$462,170.00
Idaho Deptartment of Labor View Abstract (PDF) N/AID$1,331,490.00
Higher Education Coordinating Commission View Abstract (PDF) N/AOR$1,132,574.00
Republic of Palau - Ministry of Finance View Abstract (PDF) N/APW$429,846.00
Washington State Department of Labor & Industries View Abstract (PDF) N/AWA$1,522,714.00
Wyoming Department of Workforce Services N/AWY$641,075.00