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Recognizing National Military Appreciation Month


This May, the Office of Apprenticeship (OA) is proud to recognize and celebrate Military Appreciation Month. OA would like to thank veterans, active military, and military spouses and families for their service and dedication to protecting our nation. 

For members of the military or veterans, apprenticeship is a unique and rewarding pathway to developing in-demand workplace and technical skills while earning a paycheck in the career of your dreams from day one. See below for resources and success stories for service members and veterans looking for a new career opportunity.

Success Stories

Sherman Partap

Sherman Partap

At 50 years old and after 25 years in the military, Sherman Partap found an apprenticeship that helped make a difference through a career he is passionate about.

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson

Apprenti helped Andrea obtain the hands-on experience and training needed to kickstart her civilian career after 20 years in the Army. 

Where Are You on Your Path to Apprenticeship?

Active Duty

Check out the United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) that allows active-duty service members to improve technical skills and fulfill apprenticeship requirements.

Separating Soon

DoD Skillbridge matches transitioning service members, within 180 days of separation, with civilian job and employment training, including apprenticeships. 


Looking for a civilian career? Continue browsing below or use our Apprenticeship Finder to discover apprenticeship opportunities.

Apply Your GI Bill® Benefits To a VA Approved Apprenticeship

Post 9-11 GI Bill eligible veterans

If you are eligible, your GI Bill benefits can provide a monthly housing allowance and stipend for books and supplies in addition to your registered apprenticeship wages.

Montgomery GI Bill eligible veterans

If you are eligible, you may receive up to 36 months of education benefits.

GI Bill Benefits Approved

If you're a veteran employed in a registered apprenticeship program, ask your employer if the program is "GI Bill Benefit Approved". If you have questions about GI Bill Benefits, visit the VA's eBenefits website or call 1-800-827-1000 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m - 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time).

Click here to learn more.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Veterans Affairs web site.

Veteran Apprenticeship Interview

Are you a Veteran with a Service-Connected Disability?

Veterans Readiness and Employment VR&E Program, formerly known as Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment, helps Service Members and Veterans with a service-connected disability obtain suitable employment. Veterans with a service-connected disability may also be eligible for custom apprenticeship programs approved by a VR&E counselor. Apply for VR&E benefits to determine whether you are eligible by filling out VA Form 28-1900 for VR&E benefits, available on

Are you a Veteran experiencing housing instability? Apprenticeship may be a dependable career pathway.

The U.S Department of Labor's Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS) is reintegrating homeless veterans into the labor force with meaningful employment and in stimulating the development of effective service delivery systems to address the complex problems facing homeless veterans. Meaningful employment is defined as open and competitive paid employment, and aligned with the homeless veteran’s aspirations, talents, and abilities. Employment provides a family sustaining wage or, at least the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet his or her basic financial needs. Learn more about how apprenticeship helps Service Members and Veterans experiencing housing instability.

Start a Conversation to Learn More About Apprenticeship

Are you exploring different employment path post-separation? Fortunately, there are resources available to help you explore if apprenticeship is right for you and people willing to talk about what's next.

What's My Next Step?

Link your interests to related careers and apprenticeship opportunities.

Design Your Resume

Access your military records including service history, military training, education, credentials, and awards to begin crafting your civilian resume.

Get In-Person Help

Check out our Apprenticeship Partner Finder to find an American Job Center near you where you can meet with a veteran representative.


Discover the benefits of hiring veterans and how to ensure that eligible veterans in your Registered Apprenticeship Program can receive their GI bill benefits.