Recognitions and Celebrations

The Office of Apprenticeship is proud to recognize and celebrate the wide range of diversity in our apprenticeship workforce throughout the year. Our calendar below features unique celebratory heritage months, important legislative milestones, as well as celebratory days that highlight talents in different industries and occupations. The many facets of diversity - race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, and religion, to name a few - contribute to our vibrant, talented, and innovative American workforce.

  • Second Chance Month

    Recently, President Biden initiated a nationwide support effort to provide a clean slate that can help people move beyond the collateral penalties of a criminal conviction. Under the Second Chance Act, individuals are able to have a chance to diminish backsliding into previous acts of deviance. The Second Chance Act permits federal grants for reentry services that include employment and housing assistance, substance use treatment, family programming, and mentoring. These services are designed to ease individuals’ transition from detention or treatment back into their communities.

    Celebrate Diversity Month

    Beginning in 2004, April was chosen to commemorate and honor the diversity that makes up our unique cultures, backgrounds and traditions that we are made up of, and interact with. We are encouraged to appreciate the wonderful differences and similarities surrounding us. By doing so, helps to have a deeper understanding of one another, and to build connections outside of our traditions. OA is proud to celebrate and recognize diversity, equity, and inclusion in apprenticeship. Visit our diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility page to learn more.

    National Arab American Heritage Month

    NAAHM is a time for cherishing the history, contributions, and culture of the diverse population of Arab Americans. An occasion to enrich understanding of the nuanced and diverse aspects of Arab American heritage. During the month, individuals and organizations celebrate the rich history, cultural influences and contributions of Arab Americans.

    Counseling Awareness Month

    National Rebuilding Day (April 27)

    Week of the Young Child (April 6 - 12)

    National Healthcare Volunteer Week (April 15 - 22)

    National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 22 - 26)