Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship

Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship

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Purpose and Mission

The objective and scope of the Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA) is to provide advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Labor on ways to better utilize the apprenticeship training model in order to provide equitable career pathways that advance the dignity of work for everyone, and emphasize three strategic areas:

  1. The expansion, modernization, and diversification of the National Apprenticeship model;
  2. The expansion of apprenticeships into new industries and sectors including, but not limited to, cybersecurity, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and healthcare; and
  3. Equitable access for all workers to participate and succeed in the National Apprenticeship system.

Additional Information

The ACA is authorized by the National Apprenticeship Act (the Fitzgerald Act), 29 U.S.C. S0a, which permits the Secretary of Labor (Secretary) to appoint a national advisory committee to serve without compensation. The ACA is a discretionary Committee established by the Secretary in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), as amended 5 U.S.C., App. 2, and its implementing regulations (41 CFR 101-6 and 102-3).

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Membership on the ACA will be fairly balanced. Members will come from a cross-section of those directly affected, interested, and qualified as appropriate to the nature and functions of the ACA. The composition of the Committee will depend upon several factors, including: the Committee's mission; the geographic, ethnic, social, economic, or scientific impact of the advisory Committee's recommendations; the types of specific perspectives required, for example, those of consumers, technical experts, the public at-large, academia, business, or other sectors; the need to obtain divergent points of view on the issues before the Committee; and the relevance of State, local or tribal governments to the development of the Committee's recommendations. To the extent permitted by FACA and other laws, Committee membership should also be consistent with achieving the greatest impact, scope, and credibility among diverse stakeholders. The diversity in such membership includes, but is not limited to, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.


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