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What is a Registered Apprenticeship Program?

A Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is a proven model of apprenticeship that has been validated by the U.S. Department of Labor or a State Apprenticeship Agency.

RAPs enable and energize more employers to participate and provide them access to larger talent pools that have been trained for entry-level to management positions, thereby meeting industry demands and reducing unemployment rates across the country. 

In addition to the benefits of apprenticeship, RAPs offer several other incentives for employers of all sizes: 

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Access to a nationwide network of expertise, customer service, and support at no charge. 

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Graduates receive a national, industry-­recognized credential. 

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Signifies program meets the national standards for quality and rigor. 

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In many states, businesses can qualify for tax credits. Learn more about state tax credits

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Access funding and other resources from federal programs. View the Federal Resources Playbook.

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Veterans who qualify for the GI Bill benefits can receive a monthly stipend in addition to the wages they receive. 

How It Works

There are five core building blocks involved in creating and operating a Registered Apprenticeship Program. Depending on where you are in the program creation process, you may choose to start at a different building block. For example, if you're new to apprenticeship you may start to first explore how apprenticeship is used across industry and geography. If you're already familiar with apprenticeship, you can begin to build, partner, and register your program. Regardless of where you are on the journey, we are here to help you!

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Get to know apprenticeship, its benefits, and how different employers and sponsors are creating programs across industry and geography.


Understand your options, the steps involved in building an apprenticeship program, and the tools we offer to help you get started.

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Collaborate with apprenticeship representatives, workforce organizations, educators, and others to build your program.


Take advantage of benefits such as funding opportunities, tax credits, and no-cost technical assistance when you register your program

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Recruit prospective apprentices, measure and monitor your program, and share your program success.

Apprenticeship Industries

There are a wide range of industries that are adopting and adapting apprenticeship to meet their needs. Explore our industry pages to learn about high-demand occupations and discover industry specific resources.

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