Data and Statistics


This is a Beta site showing geographic apprenticeship data within each particular state. Please refer to individual State Apprenticeship Agencies for their most recent statistics.

This page provides key statistics on apprentices by fiscal year (FY) (October through September). It includes all program types published on our legacy data and statistics page. Currently, the page includes data through 3/8/2023.

Note: We will update data and add new features quarterly. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Interactive Apprenticeship Data

This includes state and national program data entered or uploaded into the Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Database System (RAPIDS). It does not include data from states that do not report in that system, including Minnesota, Washington State and Washington, DC.

Display Apprentices by:

  • State Workload: View apprentice counts by state-managed apprenticeship workload totals. The state total may include apprentices or programs physically located outside of the state that manages them. This option goes to the state-level but does not drill down to the county-level.
  • Program Location: View apprentice counts down to the county-level based on the physical program location. The state total will only include programs physically located in the state.
  • Apprentice Location*: View apprentice counts by where they live, down to the county-level. The state total will only include apprentices physically located in the state.
    • *States that upload their data in lieu of using the federal reporting system (RAPIDS) do not provide apprentice location. The “Not Specified” county within a state includes apprentices reported by the state without their physical address data.


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