Apprenticeship Building America (ABA1)

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Original Award Date:

June 27, 2022

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Original Opportunity Notice: FOA-ETA-22-06

Original Press Release

On July 7, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced the award of more than $121 million in Apprenticeship Building America grants to strengthen and modernize Registered Apprenticeship programs and enable workers to find a reliable pathway to the middle class.  Significant interest in Apprenticeship Building America grants led the department to secure supplemental funding to announce additional recipients.  Therefore, on August 24th, U.S. DOL announced the award of $50 million in Apprenticeship Building America grant funding for Registered Apprenticeship hubs – organizations that help employers design, develop and deliver programs – and support the establishment, scaling and expansion of Registered Apprenticeship programs in new and fast-growing industries and occupations.

Through these announcements, the department has awarded $171 million to fund 39 grantees, including more than $78 million focused on equity and partnerships as well as pre-apprenticeship activities. The Apprenticeship Building America grant program advances the department’s efforts to expand and modernize Registered Apprenticeship by increasing the number of programs and apprentices, diversifying the industries that use Registered Apprenticeship and improving the access to and performance of Registered Apprenticeship Programs for underrepresented and underserved communities.

Funding was awarded in four categories:

  • State Apprenticeship System Building and Modernization.
  • Expansion of Registered Apprenticeship Program Opportunities for Youth.
  • Ensuring Equitable Registered Apprenticeship Program Pathways through Pre-Apprenticeship Leading to RAP enrollment and Equity Partnerships.
  • Registered Apprenticeship Hubs to facilitate the establishment, scaling and expansion of Registered Apprenticeship Programs in new and fast-growing industries and occupations.
Awardee information
AwardeeLocationService AreaAward AmountDetails
Able-Disabled Advocacy, Inc. (A-DA) View Abstract (PDF) San Diego, CACA$3,343,000.00
Adaptive Construction Solutions Inc. View Abstract (PDF) Houston, TXNational$8,000,000.00
Alaska Primary Care Association View Abstract (PDF) Anchorage, AKAK$3,000,000.00
American Association of Community Colleges View Abstract (PDF) Washington, DCNational$8,000,000.00
BuildWithin Inc. View Abstract (PDF) Washington, DCNational$7,903,560.00
CareerWise New York Inc. View Abstract (PDF) New York, NYNY$2,000,000.00
Central Community College View Abstract (PDF) Kearney, NENE$3,962,324.00
Chabot-Las Positas Community College District View Abstract (PDF) Pleasanton, CACA$5,818,057.00
Chicago Women in Trades View Abstract (PDF) Chicago, ILIL$3,000,000.00
City of San Antonio View Abstract (PDF) San Antonio, TXTX$2,983,433.00
City of Springfield View Abstract (PDF) Springfield, MOMO$3,000,000.00
Community College System of New Hampshire View Abstract (PDF) Concord,, NHNH$5,820,000.00
County of Madison View Abstract (PDF) Edwardsville, ILIL, MO$5,819,104.00
Dallas College View Abstract (PDF) Mesquite, TXTX$5,000,000.00
Economic Development and Industrial Corporation of Boston View Abstract (PDF) Boston, MAMA$3,000,000.00
Economic Growth Foundation View Abstract (PDF) Cleveland, OHOH$5,818,008.00
Electrical Training Alliance View Abstract (PDF) Bowie, MDNational$2,999,916.00
Indiana Department of Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) Indianapolis, ININ$3,907,725.00
Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana View Abstract (PDF) Indianapolis, ININ$4,736,976.00
Jobs for the Future Inc. View Abstract (PDF) Washington, DCNational$5,000,000.00
Mt. Hood Community College View Abstract (PDF) Gresham, OROR$2,999,983.00
National Urban League View Abstract (PDF) New York, NYNational$3,000,000.00
North Carolina Community College System – ApprenticeshipNC View Abstract (PDF) Raleigh, NCNC$4,000,000.00
NYSUT Education and Learning Trust View Abstract (PDF) Latham, NYNY$5,657,497.00
Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry View Abstract (PDF) Harrisburg, PAPA$3,900,000.00
Philadelphia Works Inc. View Abstract (PDF) Philadelphia, PAPA$4,704,311.00
Project L.I.F.T. Inc. View Abstract (PDF) Palm City, FLFL$5,000,000.00
Reset to Success Foundation View Abstract (PDF) Belleville, ILIL$3,000,000.00
Riverside Community College District View Abstract (PDF) Riverside, CACA$4,697,637.00
SER-Jobs for Progress of the Texas Gulf Coast Inc. View Abstract (PDF) Houston, TXTX$4,585,000.00
South Bay Workforce Investment Board Inc. View Abstract (PDF) Hawthorne, CACA$5,820,000.00
South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation View Abstract (PDF) Pierre, SDSD$3,124,059.00
Southeast Michigan Community Alliance View Abstract (PDF) Taylor, MIMI$5,820,000.00
Staten Island Performing Provider System (SI PPS) View Abstract (PDF) Staten Island, NYNY$1,998,854.00
Texas Workforce Commission View Abstract (PDF) Austin, TXTX$3,660,090.00
Vermont Healthcare & Information Technology Education Center View Abstract (PDF) Williston, VTNational$2,999,240.00
Washington State Department of Employment Security View Abstract (PDF) Olympia, WAWA$5,682,883.00
Wilderness Education Project View Abstract (PDF) Keene, KYKY$4,999,450.00
Workforce Development Board of Herkimer, Madison & Oneida Counties View Abstract (PDF) Utica, NYNY$2,999,993.00