State Apprenticeship Expansion, Equity, and Innovation Grants (SAEEI)

Fiscal Year of Award:


Original Award Date:

June 22, 2021

Award Type:


Award Status:


Original Opportunity Notice: FOA-ETA-21-07

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The department’s Employment and Training Administration awarded more than $99 million in State Apprenticeship Expansion, Equity and Innovation grants – ranging from $2 million to $10 million – to bolster states’ efforts to expand programming and inclusive recruitment strategies to attract a diverse workforce. The awards include more than $85 million for states that demonstrated a commitment to increase their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. These grants also aim to develop partnerships with new industries and non-traditional occupations, including industry sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, and align Registered Apprenticeships with other work-based learning opportunities within state education and workforce systems,

Awardee information
AwardeeLocationService AreaAward AmountDetails
Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) Anchorage, AKAK$3,991,501.00
California Department Of Industrial Relations View Abstract (PDF) Oakland, CACA$10,000,000.00
Colorado Department of Labor & Employment View Abstract (PDF) Denver, COCO$10,000,000.00
Connecticut Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) Wethersfield, CTCT$10,000,000.00
Executive Office of the State of Idaho, Idaho Deptartment of Labor View Abstract (PDF) Boise, IDID$4,250,000.00
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity View Abstract (PDF) Chicago, ILIL$5,998,928.00
Kansas Department of Commerce View Abstract (PDF) Topeka, KSKS$5,681,403.00
Maine Department of Labor View Abstract (PDF) Augusta, MEME$5,594,187.00
Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development View Abstract (PDF) Boston, MAMA$3,999,999.00
Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity View Abstract (PDF) Lansing, MIMI$10,000,000.00
Nevada Governor's Office of Workforce Innovation View Abstract (PDF) Las Vegas, NVNV$3,999,997.00
Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission View Abstract (PDF) Salem, OROR$3,999,999.00
Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training View Abstract (PDF) Cranston, RIRI$3,962,000.00
South Carolina State Board for Technical & Comprehensive Education View Abstract (PDF) Columbia, SCSC$7,710,000.00
Texas Workforce Commission View Abstract (PDF) Austin, TXTX$10,000,000.00