A Toolmaker Crafting His Future

Norman Imperati is a 27-year old toolmaker apprentice at FALA Technologies Inc. (FALA) in Kingston, New York. After working at FALA for two-and-a-half years, Norm viewed the company as a supportive environment where he could grow and develop his skillset. At this juncture, a few years into his tenure at FALA, he was offered the opportunity to move from a project engineering role into their Registered Apprenticeship Program as a toolmaker. Norm jumped at the opportunity and ever since has been on a learning and skill-building journey that he hopes will culminate not only in the earning of a nationally recognized credential, but also someday becoming vice president of the company. 

Norman Imperati - Career Seeker

Norman came to FALA in 2015 as an inspector. He was quickly promoted to Project Engineer after only a year in that role. With a Bachelor degree (BS) in Mechanical Engineering and a strong college grade point average, Norman was well-accomplished academically; however, he needed someone like Frank Falatyn, President of FALA, to recognize his potential and provide him with an opportunity to truly excel.

The team at FALA knew that Norman was smart. However, what they did not know and were willing to take a chance on was whether Norman could work in an environment of exceptionally skilled craftsmen. Craftsmen have little patience working with youth who show no desire to learn how to do fine precision work. When Normal interviewed at FALA and for the first few months working there, he would only give short one or two word answers when instructed. However, his actions, said everything. He always went to work fifteen minutes early, he listened intently to what was said, and he followed instructions. Most importantly, Norman showed a real desire to learn. Through this patience and listening he was able to take significant steps forward. 

Norman decided to become a toolmaker apprentice after realizing that he wanted to learn about how the parts that they were working with were made. Coupled with his project engineer and inspector work, his experience in knowing and understanding the intricacies of the machines would be able to eventually prepare him for the managerial role that the company envisions for him one day. At this point, Norman is a dedicated apprentice who revels in effective mentoring, connections with other apprentices, and learning about the ever-changing world of equipment and techniques. When Norman graduates from FALA’s toolmaker apprenticeship, he will be a FALA master craftsmen, and he will help teach new apprentices who follow in his footsteps. 

Norman has experienced success ever since he arrived at FALA. He is on track to complete the FALA Registered Apprenticeship Program by the end of 2021. He credits his desire to learn, his mentors' eagerness to share their knowledge, and the care and support provided by FALA writ large as a big part of his success.

Publish Date: 12/03/2021


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