Registered Apprenticeships Open Doors to Dream Careers

Karen, digital marketing apprentice with Two Octobers

Karen is a digital marketing apprentice with Two Octobers, an analytics-driven digital marketing firm and certified B corporation in Denver, Colorado. For years, Karen worked a series of jobs in retail merchandising, telecommunications, and business management—jobs she had to take, she explains, “to pay the bills” as a single mom. Following a layoff from a position as an administrative assistant at Nordstrom Rack, Karen felt defeated. Still, she hoped that a change might increase her job satisfaction, earning potential, and self-esteem.

After some labor market research and career exploration with a career services advisor at the local American Job Center, Karen identified a goal: to pursue a career as a digital marketing specialist. Marketing courses at the Digital Workshop Center opened the door to the Registered Apprenticeship opportunity with Two Octobers. As the hiring manager for Two Octobers has noted, “The apprenticeship offers a great chance to start in an emerging career field and create a career as opposed to just taking another job.”

Karen’s coursework shaved about a year off her apprenticeship, so she was able to start as a digital specialist working full time with benefits and should complete the three-year apprenticeship in less than two years to become a fully certified digital marketer. At that time, Karen will earn $60,000 per year—significantly more than her previous earning potential—with the chance for a future promotion to digital marketing manager.

Apprenticeships set participants up for a career where they can have access to a high-wage, high-demand job, and give them a pathway to earn money while they are learning. The apprenticeship program is also a great opportunity for growth with tremendous mentors. Karen is moved to tears by the opportunities her apprenticeship brings.

“I'm doing something that I completely picked on my own. It wasn't a job that fell into my lap, but actually something that I really want to do. It was a dream come true."

Learn more about Two Octobers' apprenticeship program and hear more in this video.

Publish Date: 04/07/2022

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