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Adrian Sanchez Brito, GF Fab 8 Maintenance Technician Apprentice
Adrian Sanchez Brito, GF Fab 8 Maintenance Technician Apprentice

For Adrian Sanchez Brito, working at GlobalFoundries (GF) in Malta, N.Y, is a family affair. Adrian credits his father and mother, both employees at GF, with the inspiration to pursue a job there upon graduation. Adrian joined GF Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship program right out of high school and was one of the first employees to start the apprenticeship when it launched in January 2021. At the age of 20, Adrian is pursuing his career in semiconductor manufacturing and continues to grow his skills through the benefits of college and hands-on training offered by the apprenticeship.

GF is one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers and one of the keys to its success is a commitment to employee and workforce development, including building a strong talent pipeline. The 18-month Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship training program is sponsored by the Center for Economic Growth and includes a combination of on-the-job training, instructor-led classes, web-based courses, and college courses. It is a full-time paid position with competitive benefits. This unique opportunity allows employees to learn and grow their career towards a Maintenance Technician role and beyond while working in the field.

The apprenticeship will help Adrian meet his future career goal, which is to become a Mechanical Engineer at GF. His school counselors advised him to go to college and get a degree to realize that dream. With grades good enough for college, Adrian decided instead to heed his parents’ advice and get college classes paid for through the apprenticeship at GF. He states that he appreciates this aspect of the GF apprenticeship and likes that he gets to work on something he enjoys while earning college credits at Hudson Valley Community College. Once Adrian completes the apprenticeship, he can use GF’s tuition reimbursement benefit to complete his associate degree and continued education.

The story of Adrian and GF is encouraging for current high school students as they weigh their post-secondary education options. Adrian would advise them to take technology and science classes, get good grades, and think about the earn-while-you-learn pathway of Registered Apprenticeship.

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Publish Date: 06/07/2022

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