Creating Diversity in the Tech Industry One Line of Code at a Time

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts, CEO of Creating Coding Careers

Mike Roberts, CEO of Creating Coding Careers,recently told San Diego ABC 10 news that he is “creating diversity in the tech industry one line of code at a time.”

Most of Mike’s life and career has been in software development. As a software engineer, he rarely saw faces in the industry that looked like him.

“There are plenty of digital consumers of tech, but not enough creators of technology from underserved communities” commented Mike during a recent interview with San Diego ABC 10 news.

According to Zippa, Black employees make up 14% of the national population but hold only 4.4% of Software Engineering roles; 83.3% of tech executives are white.[1],[2] "The tech industry has been exclusive and severely lacking in diversity. Women, in general, are gravely underrepresented in this growing and lucrative industry, and people of color constitute an even slimmer percentage of big tech.” 

Software Engineer Statistics by Race

Mike decided to take action making it his personal mission to level the playing field for individuals who may have otherwise felt a career in tech was unattainable. In March 2021, Mike created the innovative nonprofit, Creating Coding Careers and launched its Registered Apprenticeship program. Applicants from all backgrounds, especially Veterans, Women, Black, Latino, People with Disabilities, Neurodiverse, and LGTQ+ are encouraged to apply. Through CCC’s robust coding apprenticeship program, students learn from industry-leading professional instructors and gain on-the-job training at premier software companies.

“Through Creating Coding Careers, I’m able to provide opportunities for overlooked and undefeated people to break into tech and make the industry equitable,” said Mike. Todd Bashor, Chief Product Officer at NewRocket, an Elite ServiceNow Partner, reflects, “Finding talented development staff is always a challenge. It has been great partnering with Creating Coding Careers. Their apprenticeship program allows us to reduce risk while increasing capacity.” A recent CCC apprentice graduate, William Broxton, said, “Learning to code also allows me to create a legacy for my children. They will grow up in a home with a father constantly tinkering and constantly learning. They'll have a father who is always building new things in new languages.  That's a powerful legacy to leave for the next generation of brilliant Black minds.”          

Creating Coding Careers is partnered with Appteon, Inc., a USDOL Registered Apprenticeship Industry Intermediary

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Publish Date: 04/04/2023

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