George Forest Success Story: October 2023

George Forest

George Forest, an Army Veteran from Doral, FL, has found his niche in the Diesel Technician Apprenticeship Program. Sponsored by FASTPORT through Ryder Systems, Inc., this program has become a transformative experience for George, enabling him to pursue his dream of becoming a Master-Level Technician/Technician Supervisor.

George's journey began with the decision to transition from military service to civilian life. The Diesel Technician RA program aligned with his previous military knowledge and seemed to be the ideal opportunity for him to advance in the civilian workforce.

As a veteran, George falls into a unique category of RAs—a service member leveraging apprenticeship to secure a prosperous future outside the military. When asked about how the RA program is supporting his career, George enthusiastically stated, "It’s very beneficial coming out of the military and being able to take care of myself living outside as a veteran. Also, the continued training and growth is amazing."

George has learned and advanced rapidly in his RA program. "How much I have learned and how quickly I have been able to move up with the training and experience—it's astounding," George said. The work environment has also exceeded his expectations, providing a space conducive for learning and professional growth.

Reflecting on his own journey, George offered advice to those considering RA as a career pathway: "Don’t hesitate, do it. You will be able to support yourself and your family even better as you advance, the future opportunities are endless."

George expressed his enthusiasm for the program, saying, "I’m loving this. I am traveling to different shops and shadowing supervisors while learning so much!" This positive outlook reflects not only his personal satisfaction, but also the success of the RA program to propel individuals toward fulfilling careers. 

A snapshot of George, grinning amidst the machinery at the training headquarters, encapsulates RA's spirit of success. His story is not just about transitioning into a new career; it's about finding a community that supports growth, unlocks potential, and embraces the opportunity of apprenticeship.

Publish Date: 11/07/2023

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