Youth Apprenticeship Intermediaries

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Original Award Date:

June 25, 2019

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In Summer 2019, DOL awarded $7.7 million through four contracts to Jobs for the Future (JFF), NetAmerica, Urban Institute, and ICF, who serve as youth apprenticeship intermediaries. These intermediaries assist educational institutions, employers, industry associations, joint-labor management organizations, States, grantees, and other organizations to launch in- and out-of-school youth apprenticeship programs to rapidly accelerate the “earn and learn” model across multiple industries and sectors to meet the occupational and skill needs of those industries.

The Youth Apprenticeship Intermediaries help develop and/or strengthen youth apprenticeship programs by infusing the apprenticeship model as the “go-to” human capital solution in national, regional, and state career readiness for various career paths through the following activities:

  1. Train 900 youth apprentices over five years across various industries.
  2. Increase youth apprenticeship brand awareness through online platforms and a Challenge Competition
  3. Host employer/industry meetings and conferences
  4. Connect high school students to employers under a Registered Apprenticeship program
  5. Integrate youth apprenticeship into school systems
  6. Create new apprenticeship programs or expand existing ones
  7. Develop best practices and success stories
Awardee information
AbstractAwardee NameService Area
View Abstract (PDF) ICF National
View Abstract (PDF) Jobs for the Future (JFF) National
View Abstract (PDF) net.America DC, MD, NJ, PA, VA
View Abstract (PDF) Urban Institute National