Industry Intermediaries to Expand Registered Apprenticeship Programs

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September 28, 2020

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Original Opportunity Notice: 1630DC-20-R-00020

The U.S. Department of Labor recently awarded approximately $22 million in contract investments to 12 Industry Intermediaries to continue the Department’s efforts to expand the number of apprenticeship opportunities in growing sectors across the country.

This effort will further Registered Apprenticeship expansion strategies in high growth industries including information technology (IT), cybersecurity, telecommunications and 5G advanced manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and health IT, transportation and logistics, and energy.

Industry Intermediaries are organizations uniquely positioned to convene employers within an industry or sub-sector to determine skill needs and workforce trends and to work with employers on a regional and national level to develop apprenticeship programs with the goal of increasing the number of apprenticeship opportunities. 

“With today’s contract awards, the Department is increasing transparency and accountability for our diversity, equity, and expansion efforts in the Registered Apprenticeship program,” said Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training John Pallasch. “Today’s awards replace outdated contract awards by funding and creating greater collaboration across partners to deliver measurable results for our customers.” 

Industry Intermediaries continue to serve as a conduit between employers and other industry partners and the Department’s Office of Apprenticeship to accelerate apprenticeship program development and help create new sector-based apprenticeship partnerships at the regional and national level. Industry Intermediaries usually specialize in a specific sector but some may possess expertise that cut across more than one market.

As part of this effort, each of the intermediaries are committed to enrolling an average of 750 Registered Apprentices or more a year over the life of the contract through strategies that engage employers and industry; leverage key partnerships; reduce program development time for key occupations in target industries; and increase the number of new apprentices.

To learn more about our 2020 Industry Intermediaries investment, view our fact sheet.

See below for a list of awarded contracts.

Awardee information
AbstractAwardee NameService Area
View Abstract (PDF) Equus Workforce Solutions National
View Abstract (PDF) Appteon National
View Abstract (PDF) Fastport, Inc. National
View Abstract (PDF) Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP) National
View Abstract (PDF) Jobs for the Future (JFF) National
View Abstract (PDF) American Institutes for Research (AIR) National
View Abstract (PDF) North America’s Building and Trades Unions (NABTU) National
View Abstract (PDF) net.America National
View Abstract (PDF) National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) National
View Abstract (PDF) Safal Partners National
View Abstract (PDF) Washington Technology Industry Associations (WTIA) National
View Abstract (PDF) Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) National