How should sponsors address complaints of harassing or intimidating behavior?

Equal Employment Opportunity

Sponsors must provide a mechanism for apprentices who have experienced harassment, or have witnessed the harassment of others, to report the incident(s) to an appropriate manager, human resources office, or other organizational contact.  As soon as a sponsor becomes aware of harassment, it should take steps to intervene and stop it – both to prevent further harassment and to avoid possible legal liability or program deregistration.

In addition, sponsors must notify all apprenticeship applicants and apprentices that they have a right to file a complaint of unlawful harassment (or any other form of unlawful discrimination) with the Office of Apprenticeship or State Apprenticeship Agency with which the program is registered.  This notice must include information about the procedures and deadlines for filing such complaints and must be both included in the application for apprenticeship and displayed in a prominent, publicly available location where all apprentices will see the notice.  Specific wording that must be included in the notice and a sample poster for sponsors to customize are available on the Access Pledge Poster webpage.

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