What documentation must sponsors maintain to show that they have provided anti-harassment training?

Equal Employment Opportunity

To show that all individuals connected with the administration or operation of the apprenticeship program have received the required anti-harassment training, sponsors will generally need to maintain records showing that all required individuals completed the training and the training received by these individuals covered the required elements outlined in the Equal Employment Opportunity regulations.  Documentation showing that apprentices and journeyworkers who mentor apprentices completed the training could include a sign-in sheet with the individuals’ names and date on it.

If the training included an assessment or test, the sponsor should also include the results of that assessment. To show that the training received by an apprentice or journeyworker who mentors apprentices covered the required elements, sponsors could retain a syllabus or notice from the training – or, if possible, the actual slides that were used in the training.

These are just some examples, however, of the types of documents that sponsors might need to maintain to demonstrate compliance. The documents will vary depending on the specific training offered.

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