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How Does Apprenticeship Boost Education?

Apprenticeships for students provide a combination of real-world and traditional learning that allows students to gain paid work experience, and schools to provide on-ramps to in-demand career pathways.

What Roles Do Educators Play in Apprenticeship?

All apprenticeship programs include a key classroom or related training and instructional component to help students develop skills and earn a certified credential that is recognized industry-wide. The educational component meets business needs and prepares the apprentice for a successful career. As a middle school educator helping students first explore careers, or a high school or post-secondary educator ready to launch students into the workplace, there are many ways to get involved!

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Create Opportunities for Applied Learning

Develop curriculum, deliver classroom instruction, and provide pathways to a career, college degree, and/or certification

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Connect with Employers

Build relationships with industry leaders to better prepare students for the workforce

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Start a Program

Partner with local employers to manage an apprenticeship program at your educational institution