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Maintaining accurate records is an important element of ensuring all apprentices and apprenticeship applicants have been afforded equal employment opportunity (EEO). Accurate records also help Registered Apprenticeship Program sponsors respond to claims of discrimination.

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Record Types

The apprenticeship EEO regulations specify that sponsors must collect and maintain at least the following types of records:

  • Records relating to apprentice selection, including applications and the sponsor’s bases for selection or rejection.
  • Information on the operation of the program, including job assignments, promotion, demotion, termination, rates of pay, and all other terms and conditions of the program.
  • Documents showing that the sponsor is complying with its EEO obligations, such as those records related to the sponsor’s universal outreach efforts and anti-harassment training.
  • Records relevant to any EEO complaints that are filed.
  • Requests for reasonable accommodation.

In maintaining these records, sponsors must be able to identify the race, sex, ethnicity and, when known, disability status of each apprentice and, where possible, for each applicant. Sponsors should seek this information by having apprentices and applicants voluntarily self-identify.

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