What analyses are required by the apprenticeship Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations?

Equal Employment Opportunity

The EEO regulations for Registered Apprenticeship Programs require sponsors that must maintain an Affirmative Action Program to conduct two types of analyses and compare those analyses to each other.  

  1. Workforce analysis:  Identifies the racial, sex, and ethnic composition of the sponsor’s apprentice workforce
  2. Availability analysis:  Determines the racial, sex, and ethnic representation of qualified individuals available in the relevant recruitment area

Theutilization analysis is the comparison of the workforce analysis to the availability analysis. The results of the utilization analysis tell the sponsor if its utilization of women, Hispanics or Latinos, or a particular racial minority group is significantly less than would be reasonably expected given the availability of such individuals for apprenticeship.  The specific steps for conducting the analyses are included in the Developing Affirmative Action Programs and Plans guide.

Workforce analyses must also be conducted to identify the number of apprentices in the program with disabilities.  Unlike race, sex, and ethnicity, the proportion of apprentices with disabilities in the program is compared to a national aspirational goal of 7%.

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