Can training anti-harassment training provided through an outside provider be used in lieu of the training developed by the Office of Apprenticeship?

Equal Employment Opportunity

The sponsor can rely on anti-harassment training provided to instructors, journeyworkers who mentor apprentices, or apprentices by contractors or other providers if that training satisfies the requirements of the Office of Apprenticeship’s apprenticeship Equal Employment Opportunity regulation regarding anti-harassment training:

  • The training is not a mere transmittal of information, but includes participation by trainees, such as attending an in-person training session or completing an interactive training online; and
  • The content of the training communicates:
    • That harassing conduct will not be tolerated in the apprenticeship program;
    • The definition of harassment and the types of conduct that constitute unlawful harassment; and
    • An explanation of the right to file a harassment complaint.

If anti-harassment training that satisfies these conditions is given to instructors or journeyworkers who mentor apprentices but not to apprentices by an outside provider, the sponsor still has an obligation to provide such training to its apprentices and any other individuals connected with the administration or operation of the apprenticeship program who did not receive it from the outside provider.

Refer to thisFrequently Asked Question for information regarding the documentation that sponsors should retain to show that all required individuals have completed the anti-harassment training, even when that training is provided by someone other than the sponsor.

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