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Check out our Apprentice Trailblazers, who are leading the charge to support Registered Apprenticeships for young people!

We look forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary of National Apprenticeship Week from November 17-23, 2024! Click the link to learn more about how to get involved in this exciting celebration. 

YAW Apprentice Trailblazer Panel

Apprentice Trailblazers Malik and Pablo share their career development and Registered Apprenticeship highlights during a National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC) meeting.

Kayla Franklin Linkedin Post

Apprentice Trailblazers Kayla and Paige share their Registered Apprenticeship journey.

"Why should young people consider apprenticeship" text

Apprentice Trailblazer Pablo shares his thoughts on Registered Apprenticeship.

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"How has your apprenticeship changed your life" text

Apprentice Trailblazer Tamia shares how Registered Apprenticeship changed her life.

Learn how Apprentice Trailblazer Jonathan took flight with Registered Apprenticeship.

Trailblazer Malik

Apprentice Trailblazer Malik shared his experience with Youth Apprenticeship during a virtual event for Youth Apprenticeship Week.

Alexa and Jose sitting at table answering questions

Apprentice Trailblazers Jose and Alexa share their Registered Apprenticeship journey at the June 2024 ACA meeting. 

Apprentice Trailblazer Amber’s Registered Apprenticeship Journey

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