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Become an Apprentice Trailblazer

Become an Apprentice Trailblazer

We will begin accepting applications for the second cohort in 2024.

Application for Apprentice Trailblazer

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Thank you for your interest in the Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative. If selected, you and your Registered Apprenticeship sponsor will join a national movement to expand, diversify, modernize, and strengthen Registered Apprenticeship across America.

All applications require signatures from the apprentice/graduate, their Registered Apprenticeship sponsor, and if applicable, their parent/legal guardian. We strongly encourage the apprentice/graduate and their Registered Apprenticeship sponsor to discuss participating in the Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative before starting the application process. We plan to announce the first cohort of Apprentice Trailblazers during National Apprenticeship Week.

For helpful tips on completing the Apprentice Trailblazer Application, see the Apprentice Trailblazer Application Checklist.

To see a preview of the Apprentice Trailblazer application, click here.

Do You Need Assistance?

If you have questions or need assistance with completing and/or submitting the application, please send an email with your name and assigned application number (if available) to

DOL Press Release

Apprentice Trailblazer Initiative launched on 86th anniversary of National Apprenticeship Act.

Apprentice Trailblazer Fact Sheet

Apprentice Trailblazers will exercise valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, and public speaking.

Apprentice Trailblazer Application Checklist

Follow this guide to help complete the Apprentice Trailblazer application.