Apprentice Utilizes Registered Apprenticeship to Pivot Industry Sectors

Apprentice Utilizes Registered Apprenticeship to Pivot Industry Sectors

After years of service as a Newport News Police Officer, Eddie Craven was drawn to a career at Newport News Shipbuilding, where he could strengthen his mechanical background. He applied for a position as an outside machinist. During his first year, he was assigned to work on submarines and became a skilled mechanic and leader. Then, he decided to apply to The Apprentice School as a Designer Apprentice.  

Through The Apprentice School Shipbuilding program, Eddie is able to develop and learn new skills as a craftsperson. Eddie began the Designer Apprenticeship in August of 2019 and is grateful to be in a position with a dedicated support structure. Growing up, Eddie moved around a lot, and the constant relocation had a negative impact on him academically. Although he wasn't the strongest candidate on paper, Eddie knew he could excel if he was given a chance.  

Eddie is grateful for this opportunity, a great step forward in his career path, and he is grateful that the Apprentice School took a chance on him. Reflecting on his apprenticeship journey, Eddie stated, "This career decision, I can honestly say, is one of the best things I have done in my life. Being an Apprentice has afforded me the opportunity to excel as a craftsman, become a leader, and be an all-around better person. I can also rest better, knowing my family does not have to worry about my safety."  

The Apprentice School is touted as the leadership development arm of Newport News Shipbuilding. The program helps crafts people to understand the vast concepts of their trade, and it expands their opportunities into the management of the organization. This organization believes in RAPS because they provide the opportunity to recruit and develop quality employees who want careers.   

According to the Apprentice School, RAPs allow organizations to promote their own legacy and unique specialized crafts while developing a diverse population in an effort to positively impact their lives. The Apprentice School looks forward to continuing its 103-year history of leading in the area of RA. Currently, the Apprentice School offers 27 programs and has averaged 770 apprentices per year over the past 10 years.  

HII has partnered with VMA to support new apprentices in their Registered Apprenticeship program, The Apprentice School. VMA, as an Industry Intermediary, is assisting in the expansion of the program by providing technical and workforce expertise. Our current partnership started in 2022 under the Expanding Registered Apprenticeship Program (ERAP) 2.1. The Apprentice School has been able to utilize VMA's incentive funding for partners to assist in expenses associated with advanced manufacturing apprenticeships. 

Publish Date: 05/16/2023


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