What is an Affirmative Action Program?

Equal Employment Opportunity

The apprenticeship Equal Employment Opportunity regulations require certain Registered Apprenticeship Program sponsors to develop Affirmative Action Programs.  An Affirmative Action Program assists sponsors in detecting, diagnosing, and correcting any barriers to equal opportunity that may exist in its apprenticeship program.  Further, an Affirmative Action Program is designed to ensure equal opportunity and prevent discrimination in apprenticeship programs.  A sponsor’s written Affirmative Action Plan states the specific steps sponsors will take to ensure all qualified applicants and apprentices receive equal opportunity to be selected for – and succeed in – Registered Apprenticeship Programs. 

An Affirmative Action Program helps a sponsor identify and correct underutilization or other barriers and establish procedures to monitor and examine its employment practices and decisions with respect to apprenticeship.  Sponsors must record the results of their assessments and any changes they make to their apprenticeship programs in their written Affirmative Action Plans.

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