How can a sponsor attract more individuals from underrepresented groups?

Equal Employment Opportunity

If a program has not historically received applications from individuals in underrepresented groups, the sponsor’s outreach and recruitment practices may not be reaching qualified individuals from these groups who would be interested in applying.  Accordingly, the Equal Employment Opportunity regulations require Registered Apprenticeship Program sponsors to take steps to ensure all qualified individuals have access to apprenticeship programs and are considered for program vacancies.  Such steps include developing a list of recruitment resources that will generate referrals from diverse demographic groups and providing these sources with advance notice of job openings so that they can notify and refer candidates.  If underutilization of a certain group persists, sponsors may need to undertake more targeted outreach and recruitment efforts to ensure that they are drawing from a diverse pool of qualified applicants.

It is also important for sponsors to maintain a record-keeping system that allows them to see the results of their recruitment efforts.  In addition to ensuring compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity regulations, such documentation enables sponsors to determine whether their recruitment strategies are working.

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