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No Degree Required: Apprenticeships in These Jobs up for Grabs

Some workers without a degree are dealing with an uncertain job market -- and that's where apprenticeships are filling a need. There's a growing number of apprenticeships offering pay, job security and career satisfaction amid a time of…

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Students Get Virtual Tour of Plumbers & Pipefitters Apprenticeships

Being selected for the apprenticeship program through Local 396 Plumbers & Pipefitters is similar to going to college with one major exception: students pay for higher education while apprentices get paid.

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College of DuPage Connects Higher Education to Workplace Readiness Through Apprentice Program

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in exercise science and spending four years coaching football, James Johnson realized he wasn't passionate about becoming a full-time coach. In seeking out other opportunities, he stumbled upon a new…

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U.S. Department of Labor Launches Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program Standards Recognition Entity Application Portal

Applications are now being accepted to be Standards Recognition Entities for Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs.

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Free Pre-Apprenticeship Programs in IT Fields Open to Qualified Arkansans

Arkansans interested in starting a career in information technology can apply for free online pre-apprenticeship programs that will serve as a pathway for participants to expand their knowledge of technology and potentially move into full…

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Maryland Insurance Administration Announces Apprenticeship Program

The Maryland Insurance Administration is participating in an apprenticeship program designed to attract talent to the insurance industry. The apprenticeship program, which is slated to begin in Maryland this September, will allow high school…

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