WTIA Presents AAPI Heritage Month Thought Leadership Series

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Working toward incorporating antiracist principles into organizational culture, policies, and practices requires reckoning with the mechanics of racism in all its forms. Racism can only be confronted if leaders and decision-makers acknowledge their complicity with the manifestations of Whiteness: how it shows up in the way we interact with others and how it influences the decisions we make in our everyday work. In this talk, key takeaways will include:

Learn about one scholar’s journey to understanding impacts of Whiteness on systems and institutions
Hear a personal story of AAPI reckoning with racial identity
Discuss the impacts of racism on employee morale, productivity, engagement, and talent retention
Advice for White women leaders for how best they can advance the values of DEI in an organization
Advice for DEI and HR practitioners about what they can do to mitigate the effects of racism