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Join CyberUp to learn how your company can be part of the 120-day cybersecurity apprenticeship sprint!
**This event is solely for Employers**For those looking to advance their skills go to

For decades, Registered Apprenticeship has been a proven solution for talent development that enables employers to train and retain a highly productive workforce while offering career seekers affordable paths to high-paying jobs. Apprenticeship Accelerators bring together apprenticeship stakeholders (employers, industry, labor, equity, and other workforce partners) and resources to accelerate the further use and adoption of Registered Apprenticeship to meet business’ workforce needs. Apprenticeship Accelerators will provide information about Registered Apprenticeship models and the requirements for starting or joining a program. The CyberUp Accelerator is designed to: 1) Make industry associations, employers, and other stakeholders aware of the opportunities that exist to meet industry needs through Registered Apprenticeship; 2) Allow industry to hear about the return on investment, recruitment, and retention benefits of Registered Apprenticeship from employers with current Registered Apprenticeship Programs; and 3) Help employers connect with partners and resources to meet their industry needs.