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The telecommunications industry faces a skills gap that poses serious threats to the nation’s ability to expand wireless broadband coverage in urban, suburban and rural areas and to build 5G networks. 5G is expected to create 4.6 million new jobs in next fifteen years and we need to invest in training talent for these jobs in a timely manner. [1] In 2012, the Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program, a joint venture of telecommunications companies, industry associations, and DOL was developed as the first Registered Apprenticeship Program in the telecommunications industry. In 2020 there were 3,654 registered apprentices in telecommunications occupations, increasing over 300% in the last nine years. [2]

"Apprenticeships in the telecommunications industry provide workers with quality jobs and clear paths to rewarding careers in a growing sector of the economy."

Jonathan Adelstein, CEO, Wireless Infrastructure Association

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[1] The Third Wave: How 5G Will Drive Job Growth Over the Next Fifteen Years. Apprenticeship is your proven solution for quickly and efficiently recruiting, training, and retaining world-class telecommunications talent. 

[2] The numbers represent apprentices from multiple industries in telecommunications related occupations.