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2024-68 New NGS for Battery Workforce Initiative.docx (DOCX) National Guideline Standards New
2024-67 NOF_Digital_Accessibility_Technician.docx (DOCX) Occupations New
2024-66 Rev to IEC NGS.docx (DOCX) National Guideline Standards Revised
2024-65 New NOF Licensed Residential Real Property Appraiser.docx (DOCX) Occupations New
2024-64 Rev to NGS for CVS.docx (DOCX) National Guideline Standards Revised
2024-63 Rev NPS American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).docx (DOCX) National Program Standards Revised
2024-62 IPC Rev Appendix A.docx (DOCX) National Program Standards Revised
2024-61 NOF Production Planning and Expediting Clerk.docx (DOCX) Occupations New
2024-60 New Appren Occ Real Estate Sales Agent.docx (DOCX) Occupations New
2024-59 New Appren Occ Child and Youth Care Practitioner.docx (DOCX) Occupations New