Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:  What is apprenticeship? Is an apprenticeship a job?

    A:  Yes! Apprenticeship is a career pathway that includes a paid-work component and an educational or instructional component, where an individual can obtain workplace-relevant knowledge and skills. 

    Q: How is apprenticeship different from other types of work-based training models?

    A: Apprenticeship training is distinguished from other types of workplace training by several factors:

    (1) Apprentices earn wages from their employers during training;

    (2) Programs provide on-the-job learning and job-related technical instruction;

    (3) On-the-job learning is conducted in the work setting under the direction of one or more of the employer’s personnel; 

    (4) Training results in an industry-recognized credential. 

    Q: How long are apprenticeship programs?

    A: The length of an apprenticeship program can vary depending on the employer, complexity of the occupation, industry, and the type of program.

    Q: Are apprenticeship programs flexible and adaptable?

    A:  Yes! The apprenticeship model is adaptable based on the skills required by company and industry.

    Q: Where can I find the Presidential Executive Order about apprenticeships?

    A: You can find the  Presidential Executive Order Expanding Apprenticeships in America on the White House website

    Q: Are there apprenticeship programs in high-growth industries?

    A:  Yes! Apprenticeship spans more than 1,000 occupations including careers in health care, cybersecurity, information technology, and energy. 

  • Q: Do you earn college credit while participating in apprenticeship programs? 

    A:  Yes! Most apprenticeship opportunities include on-the-job training and classroom instruction provided by apprenticeship training centers, technical schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges and universities, sometimes through distance learning. Often apprenticeship sponsors work directly with community colleges that do provide college credit for apprenticeship experience.

  • Q: Why don’t I see my apprenticeship opportunity listed in the Apprenticeship Finder search results?

    A: The Apprenticeship Finder Tool on retrieves active apprenticeship opportunities from the National Labor Exchange (NLx)—a collection of over 2 million job openings exclusively found on corporate career websites and state job banks. Please click here for instructions on how to get your apprenticeship opportunity included in the NLx database and Apprenticeship Finder Tool.

    Q: Can apprenticeship contribute to performance outcomes for the workforce system? 

    A:  Yes! There are also multiple opportunities to achieve a measurable skill gain, and a recognized post-secondary credential is awarded at program completion. All apprentices are employed, and apprenticeship programs have a high retention rate.