CNC Precision Machining Apprenticeship Program Information Session

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Harper College



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Advanced Manufacturing

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Harper College hosted an Apprenticeship Program Information Session for CNC Precision Machining. Harper’s registered apprenticeship programs are unique, flexible instruction programs combining job related credit courses with structured on-the-job learning experiences. An apprenticeship is first and foremost a job and comes with substantial training and the development of transferable skills, which is beneficial to the employer and the employee. The goal for our apprenticeship programs is to provide workers with advanced skill sets that meet the specific needs of employers. CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Precision Machining is a growing field requiring specific skills in working with metal. Precision machining creates very precise parts from various metals usually that will need to fit into other larger machines or products. This skill involves accuracy, measurements and math, some programming, ability to read schematics and understand what part is being created.