ABC’s Building Mass Careers pre-apprenticeship program

For several years now, workforce development has been ABC Massachusetts’ top priority.  We have developed the Merit Apprenticeship Program, the Building Mass Careers website (, and now we are about to graduate the first students from Building Mass Careers’ pre-apprenticeship program.

With so many of us facing a serious shortage of qualified workers, I hope you will consider hiring one or more of these new graduates.  They are a diverse group of over 30 young people, including veterans, minorities, women, inner-city as well as suburban youth.  

Their interests run the gamut from electrical, plumbing and carpentry to HVAC, sheet metal, pipefitting and flooring, but they all share two things.  One is a readiness to work and the second is to pursue a career – not just a job – in construction.  

Since April, 20 of these students have undergone a very rigorous program that has taught them the skills that you, our members, wanted us to offer in this new program.  They include OSHA certification, leadership and work ethic, general construction education, hot work and hoisting.  Another 11 have been in a slightly less comprehensive program that includes OSHA 10, leadership and work ethic training.

We greatly appreciate those members who have already hired program participants.  We encourage other employer members to recruit from this pre-apprenticeship pool within the next few weeks to honor our commitment to these young people who have been fully vetted and have shown great determination to secure a career in the industry.  

Please reach out to  Sophir Jeune at (781) 273-0123 or to take on an apprentice.  I know the staff at ABC is looking forward to hearing from you almost as much as you’re looking forward to meeting these dedicated, talented young people who are eager to help fill your workforce needs.

John Anderson is the 2018 chairman of the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc.-Mass. Chapter, Woburn, Mass. and is the president of Plumb House Inc., Milford, Mass.