120 Cyber Sprint Celebration

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120 Cyber Sprint Celebration



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The Cybersecurity 120 Day Sprint Celebration is a culminating event recognizing the efforts of hundreds of Arkansans to promote high wage high demand jobs in Cyber and Information Technology. The Sprint was sponsored by the US Department of Commerce and US Department of Labor encouraging state agencies, non-profits, academia and employers to come together and raise awareness of citizens, training providers and organizations about the power of registered apprenticeships in addressing the skills gap for cyber and IT positions. This event will highlight the achievement of all 5 goals that were set forth and targeted by a large consortium of organization representatives. Those 5 goals were designated by USDOL and established a complete plan to capture progress during the 120-day sprint. Leadership in Arkansas is very proud of the foundation built by the office of Skills Development and the IT Registered Apprenticeship Intermediary, the Arkansas Center for Data Sciences.