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Who determines which credentials are industry-recognized?

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program

To become an SRE, entities must demonstrate that they have the expertise to set competency-based standards, through a consensus-based process involving industry experts, for the requisite training, structure, and curricula for apprenticeship programs in the industry(ies) and occupational areas listed in their SRE application. Once recognized as an industry leader and subject matter expert, the SRE is responsible for determining which credentials are industry-recognized through its own expertise and engagement with industry partners and experts. SREs are responsible for deciding how to structure their programs for imparting industry-recognized credentials. In order to receive recognition to become an SRE, SRE applicants must develop and attach the policies and procedures they plan to use to evaluate and monitor IRAP occupations and credentials and their process to ensure IRAP apprentices achieve those credentials in their SRE application. The Department’s requirement that the credential must be industry-recognized is specifically designed to ensure that the credentials are relevant beyond any individual employer. The Department will collect information from each SRE about each credential offered by its IRAPs. 


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