Frequently Asked Questions

What types of entities can become SREs?  

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program

The types of entities that can become SREs include, but are not limited to:  

  • Trade, industry, and employer groups or associations;  

  • Corporations and other organized entities;  

  • Educational institutions, such as universities or community colleges;  

  • State and local government agencies or entities;  

  • Non-profit organizations;  

  • Unions;  

  • Joint labor-management organizations;  

  • Certification and accreditation bodies or entities for a profession or industry;  

  • A consortium or partnership of entities such as those above.  

Ineligible to Apply for DOL Recognition: The U.S. Department of Labor will not recognize SREs that intend to recognize programs that train apprentices to perform construction activities, consisting of: the erecting of buildings and other structures (including additions); heavy construction other than buildings; and alterations, reconstruction, installation, and maintenance and repairs. After receiving recognition, SREs may not recognize programs seeking to train apprentices in these activities. 


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