Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if an SRE no longer meets the requirements? Can an SRE be suspended or derecognized?

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program

The Administrator may suspend an SRE for 45 calendar days and may initiate review of an SRE if it receives information indicating that: (1) The SRE is not in substantial compliance with this subpart or; (2) The SRE is no longer capable of continuing as an SRE.

The notice will include an explanation of the Office of Apprenticeship’s decision, including identified areas in which the SRE is not in substantial compliance or an explanation why the SRE is no longer capable of continuing as an SRE, or both, and necessary remedial actions, and must explain that the Administrator will derecognize the SRE in 45 calendar days unless remedial action is taken or a request for administrative review is made. 

If the SRE does not take remedial action or request administrative review of the suspension, the Administrator will derecognize the SRE, notify the SRE in writing, and specify the reasons for the derecognition. The SRE may request administrative review within 45 calendar days of receipt of the notice. 


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