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What are the responsibilities of an SRE?

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program
  • SREs are responsible for recognizing or rejecting IRAPs in a timely manner. 

  • SREs must notify the Office of Apprenticeship within 30 days when they have recognized, suspended, or derecognized an IRAP, and include the name and contact information of the program. 

  • SREs are responsible for providing program and performance data to the Office of Apprenticeship in a timely manner. 

  • SREs are responsible for only recognizing high-quality IRAPs as set forth by the Department in the IRAP Final Rule. 

  • SREs must establish policies and procedures for recognizing, and validating compliance of, programs that ensure that SRE decisions are impartial, consistent, and based on objective and merit-based criteria. 

  • SREs will review programs and validate that they meet the high-quality criteria of an IRAP at initial recognition and on an annual basis. 

  • SREs must remain in an ongoing quality-control relationship with the IRAPs they have recognized, to include periodic compliance reviews and consideration of apprentices’ credential attainment, program completion, retention rates, and earnings. 

  • SREs must publicly disclose the credential(s) that apprentices will earn during their participation in or upon completion of an IRAP. SREs are responsible for developing policies and procedures for the suspension or derecognition of an IRAP that fails to comply with the SRE’s requirements. 

  • SREs are responsible for developing policies and procedures that require IRAPs’ adherence to applicable Federal, State, and local laws pertaining to EEO and reflect comprehensive outreach strategies to reach diverse populations. 

  • SREs are responsible for having policies and procedures for addressing complaints filed against their IRAPs. 

  • An SRE must notify the Administrator and must provide all related material information if: 

  • It makes any major change that could affect the operations of the program, such as involvement in lawsuits that materially affect the SRE, changes in legal status, or any other change that materially affects the SRE’s ability to function in its recognition capacity; or 

  • It seeks to recognize apprenticeship programs in additional industries, occupational areas, or geographical areas. 


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