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What are the reporting requirements for SREs?

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program

Each year, an SRE must report to the Administrator, in a format prescribed by the Administrator, and make publicly available the following information on each IRAP it recognizes: 

  1. Up-to-date contact information for each IRAP; 

  1. The total number of new and continuing apprentices annually training in each IRAP under an apprenticeship agreement; 

  1. The total number of apprentices who successfully completed the IRAP annually; 

  1. The annual completion rate for apprentices. Annual completion rate must be calculated by comparing the number of apprentices in a designated apprenticeship cohort who successfully completed the IRAP requirements and attained an industry-recognized credential with the number of apprentices in that cohort who initially began training in the IRAP; 

  1. The median length of time for IRAP completion; 

  1. The post-apprenticeship employment retention rate, calculated 6 and 12 months after program completion; 

  1. The industry-recognized credentials attained by apprentices in an IRAP, and the annual number of such credentials attained; 

  1. The average earnings of an IRAP’s former apprentices, calculated 6 months after IRAP completion; 

  1. Training cost per apprentice; and 

  1. Basic demographic information on participants. 


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