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If an SRE is approved to recognize IRAPs in one state or geographic area, and an IRAP sponsor it has recognized has programs located in other geographic areas, will all the sponsor’s programs be recognized?

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program

No, the SRE can only recognize programs in the geographic area, industry, and/or occupational area for which it is approved by DOL to recognize IRAPs. For example, if an SRE applied for recognition in a certain state, it can only recognize programs in that state. If the SRE recognizes an IRAP sponsor with programs located in several states, the program(s) in the state for which the SRE is approved to recognize IRAPs will be recognized. If the SRE wants to recognize programs in additional states, including nationally, it must update its application and wait for approval from DOL before expansion can begin. SREs are encouraged to carefully consider the geographic areas in which they want to recognize IRAPs before submitting their application. 


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