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Are WIOA services covered under IRAPs?

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program

State and local WDBs can combine IRAPs and WIOA services as they would in the case of any other training provider. Eligible Training Providers (ETPs) receive funding through an Individual Training Account (ITA) for training services, and they must be included on a state ETP list. Under WIOA, a significant amount of autonomy is given to the States and localities to determine criteria for inclusion on ETP lists.  

In order to support the related training component of an IRAP using a WIOA Individual Training Account, these programs would still have to apply for status as an ETP on a state ETP list. Once on the ETP list, local American Job Centers (AJCs) can refer WIOA participants to an IRAP and use ITAs to pay for the training costs of a participant who enrolls in those IRAPs that are taking applications (i.e., openings are or will become available). 

In addition to ITAs, the local AJC may fund portions of the work-based learning component of the IRAP using contracts, based on local policies. WIOA allows for on-the-job training (OJT), customized training, and incumbent worker training to be paid for with contracts, which can be made with providers that are not on the ETP list. WIOA OJT contracts may be used to fund OJT for one or more eligible participants and may be used to reimburse employers for the extraordinary costs of training at a level of up to 75 percent of the participants’ wages in certain circumstances. 

WIOA-funded supportive services may also be provided, in accordance with TEGL 19-16, Guidance on Services provided through the Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the Wagner-Peyser Act Employment Service (ES), as amended by title III of WIOA, and for Implementation of the WIOA Final Rules, to enable WIOA participants to participate in career and training services. 

ETA strongly encourages the WIOA workforce system to coordinate services with IRAPs. To learn more, please review Training and Employment Act 21-19


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