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Are SRE applications public?

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program

No, the SRE applications will not be made publicly available; however, some of the information provided in the application will be made public once the SRE is recognized. The confidentiality statement in the SRE application states that: “Under this collection, the name of a potential Standards Recognition Entity will be posted on if the U.S. Department of Labor issues a letter of approval with respect to the entity.

While the information collected by this application is generally subject to public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Exemption #4 of FOIA (at 5 U.S.C. §552(b)(4)) affords protection to submitters (such as Standards Recognition Entities) that are asked to furnish commercial or financial information to the Federal Government. The Department will keep as private and confidential, and will not disclose, unless required by law, any commercial or financial information provided to the Department under this section that is both customarily and treated as private by the SRE or IRAP. The Office of Apprenticeship will provide an applicant notice and an opportunity to object before disclosing information from the applicant. For more information, see 29 CFR part 70, ‘Production and Disclosure of Information or Materials,’ especially 29 CFR § 70.26, ‘Confidential commercial information.’”  


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