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Are IRAPs required to comply with 29 CFR Part 30 – Equal Employment Opportunity in Apprenticeship, which applies to registered apprenticeship?

Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program

The IRAP final rule places comprehensive EEO responsibilities on both the IRAP sponsor and the SRE, instead of requiring compliance with the provisions of 29 CFR Part 30, which applies only to Registered Apprenticeship. To be recognized by an SRE as an IRAP, a program must affirm “its adherence to all applicable Federal, State, and local laws pertaining to Equal Employment Opportunity.” 29 CFR 29.22(i) provides that the SRE must have policies and procedures that both (1) “require IRAPs’ adherence to applicable Federal, State, and local laws pertaining to EEO” and (2) “facilitate such adherence through the SRE’s policies and procedures regarding potential harassment, intimidation, and retaliation (such as the provision of anti-harassment training, and a process for handling EEO and harassment complaints from apprentices).” 


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