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The Roles That Community Colleges Play in Apprenticeship

As a training provider, community colleges deliver academic instruction driven by industry standards. 

Primary responsibilities include co-creating apprenticeship curriculum alongside local businesses, granting progressive credentials based on competency testing, and facilitating access to financial aid and other support resources (e.g., academic, tutoring, counseling).

As an intermediary, community colleges serve as connectors to their local business community while remaining committed to providing students with quality education, experiential learning, and skills that meet employer needs. 

Primary responsibilities include recruiting, screening, and testing potential apprentices ready, to begin with, an apprenticeship sponsor. The community college works with individual employers, large and small, to design a tailored curriculum that meets individual employers' business goals.

As a sponsor, community colleges operate a Registered Apprenticeship Program. 

Primary responsibilities include assuming full responsibility for the administration and operation of an apprenticeship program. This includes employing apprentices.

Community College Success Stories

Discover how local community colleges are working with regional and local industry, improving transitions for K-12 students, and forging partnerships across their state to be successful in apprenticeship.

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Expand Employer Base

Learn how Harper College expanded on their apprenticeship program footprint

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Effective Partnerships

Understand how Macomb Community College developed partnerships

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Diverse Talent

Learn about outreach strategies employed at Reynolds Community College

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Expanding Community College Apprenticeships

The Department of Labor is partnering with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) to Expand Community College Apprenticeships. Learn more about this initiative and their apprenticeship participant colleges.

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Creating your own Registered Apprenticeship Program is easier than you think! View our "Start a Program" pages to learn more about how to get started.