Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative

OMB Control Number: 1225-0059

Expiration Date: 2/29/2024

  • 1 Contact Information
  • 2 Experience
  • 3 Commitment
  • 4 Outreach
  • 5 Confirmation

Application for Apprenticeship Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Apprenticeship Ambassador. If selected, your company/organization will join a national movement to expand, diversify, modernize, and strengthen Registered Apprenticeships across America.

The goal of the Apprenticeship Ambassador Initiative is to create a network of employers, labor organizations, industry associations, sponsors, educators, workforce intermediaries, minority-serving organizations, and other stakeholders to serve as champions for their industry or area of expertise.

Please read the criteria and tips below to improve the quality of your application.

Criteria for Apprenticeship Ambassador Applications

  • Applicant must be organization
  • Applicant has Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) experience, which can include:
    • RAP sponsor
    • RAP RTI provider
    • RAP Intermediary
    • Sponsor of pre-apprenticeship program that leads to a RAP
    • OA Contractor
    • OA Grantee
    • Previous ApprenticeshipUSA LEADER
    • Previous ACA member
    • Employer with RAP experience
    • Other RAP experience (Workforce professional, RAP partners, Researcher, etc.)
  • Applicant provides clear description of RAP experience
  • Applicant has made a RAP Commitment – at least one option chosen on application
  • Applicant Point of Contact is in a leadership position within the organization and has the authority to apply on behalf of the organization
  • Application is signed

Tips for Completing Apprenticeship Ambassador Applications

  1. Apprenticeship Ambassadors are organizations and not individuals. Please list the Registered Apprenticeship experience of the applicant organization rather than the individual representing the organization.
  2. Applicant Point of Contact cannot be a current Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA) Member.
  3. Organization leadership should submit the application to ensure they have the authority to sign the application on behalf of the organization.
  4. List the name of the specific Registered Apprenticeship program(s) the organization is sponsoring or participating in as an employer or Related Technical Instruction (RTI) provider.
  5. Applications that aren’t signed will not be approved.